Author Topic: Factory reset?!Be careful,7 days with 808  (Read 6936 times)


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Factory reset?!Be careful,7 days with 808
« on: August 19, 2012, 14:27:44 »
I bought my nokia 808 10 days ago.
So,thE camera is amazing,i still cant believe how mobile phone can shot like that.That was on the first day.So happy..
Now about the problems.From the second day of use i noticed that my phone is not so fast in the scrolling,also i had "sleep"in many soft is 0309,no update for now.
So with every new day the symbian starts to work slow and slow.
On the day 7,i decided to do a factory reset.What a huge mistake.....
The phone ask me to restart and i push OK,and long nokia...the 808 never wake up again.Just boot to the logo Nokia and it turn off immediately.I tried the combination with the buttons that helps in N8,but no result,almost i tried everything written in the net,but nothing helps.
Yesterday i sent my nokia to nokia care.reason?--7 days of use and just normal operation as factory reset!What a big shame nokia!I paid 500 euros for this phone.
So guys if you plan to factory reset your phone be careful,there is no garantee that your 808 will survive this.
Here is my video with the soft bricked nokia 808

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Re: Factory reset?!Be careful,7 days with 808
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 20:21:09 »
you were way to hasty in doing a factory reset.. you could have done a soft reset or checked to see how many apps were open as this is the most common reason for the phone to slow down....having said that, i have never had an issue with hard resets..


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Re: Factory reset?!Be careful,7 days with 808
« Reply #2 on: August 20, 2012, 05:57:28 »
The hard reset is not the same as with the N8, it is:
1. Turn off the phone (Go to no. 2 below if it is already “Off”)

2. PRESS and HOLD “Volume Down Key”, “Camera Key” and the “Menu Key” simultaneously

3. (Still keep pressing the above three keys) Now PRESS and HOLD Power On/Off button (Better get help from someone else for this “Press and Hold so many buttons” maneuver)

4. After a while the phone shakes up and the welcome screen is shown, continue pressing all the four buttons until the “Welcome to Nokia” (Language selection) screen appears, now release the keys…..Back to life! your precious phone
Repeat the process if nothing happens (Pressing four keys simultaneously is not an easy task after all!)

You also need to remove your SD card and format your onboard memory before you start.

Factory reset isn't dangerous to your phone, unless you get impatient and  touch it while it is resetting itself.